Gutter Installation in Santa Barbara, CA

A crucial stage of construction is the installation of a drainage system. Gutters, funnels and pipes are made of plastic or metal. Installation of a drain on an old roof is carried out during the overhaul of the facade or roof or when replacing a drainage system that does not work properly. On new buildings, the installation of drains is carried out during the construction of the house after the completion of the facade and roofing work.

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VAZQUEZ ROOFING, INC. offers some of the best gutter installation services in Santa Barbara, CA. Our team employs only highly qualified specialists who are ready to cope with any project. You only need to call us, and we will be happy to discuss all the details of your project!

Why should you install a gutter?

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The very name of the system determines its functionality. The design is created to collect rain and melt water from the roof and drain it from the perimeter of the foundation. A well-designed and constructed drainage system provides:


  • protection of walls from water;
  • normal hydrogeological regime in the basement area;
  • reduction of rain load on windows;
  • increase in the total resource of the building.

VAZQUEZ ROOFING, INC. can provide you with metal gutter installation. First, the use of a metal profile in the creation of gutters will affect their service life and the estimate of work. A metal gutter system will last you longer, but the cost of installation will be higher.


  • The gutter can be galvanized, copper or coated with a special polymer.
  • The material has high strength and reliability.
  • These gutters do not burn.
  • It withstands snow loads and gusts of wind well.


This is a practical and durable option for gutter structures that will provide you with clear drainage of water from the roof.

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